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The Nicobar Association was founded as a scientific society duringan informal meeting of interested researchers and others in thebeautiful South Tyrolean valles in Summer 2001. The new-born baby is the little sister of the Andaman Association but is of a different character and quite independent of its oldersister.

The Nicobar islands with their unique civilization are part of theIndian Union and are that country's most remote territory. Theislands are a closed area and remain largely inaccessible to theinternational scientific research community. The Association istrying to to draw together people who are at working in the field.andto further the scientific study of all aspects of the Nicobareseislands and their inhabitants, their possible relationships, theirethnology, anthropology, genetics, languages, history prehistory,geography, ecology, botany, ethnobotany, zoology. etc.

The Nicobar Association welcomes new members at any time, the onlycondition to entry being a genuine interest in the Nicobarese andShompen people. It is non-profit-making and does not chargemembership fees. For the time being, it is financed entirely on thebasis of voluntary contributions from members, friends andsupporters. Sponsors are, of course, most welcome!

We would also welcome scientific cooperation from interestedscholars and institutions as well as contributions to be published onthis web-site.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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