Franziska Kasper

Schönlaterngasse 6/9
A-1010 Wien

Franziska Kasper has been working on a thesis since 1985 ,describing Austrian attempts to colonise the Nicobar islands. At thecentre of her work is the voyage of exploration of the Austrianvessel Joseph und Theresia during which an attempt to set upan Austrian colony in the Nicobars was made.

To be able to do justice to her subject, Franziska Kasper has donean in-depth study of the historical and other preconditions andassembled a chronology of events in both Austria and the Nicobars.Her work also includes later attempts to revive the short-livedAustrian colony.

Franziska Kasper also designed the 1987 exhibition "Nikobaren,Inselgruppe im Indischen Ozean - österreichische Expeditionen im18. and 19. Jahrhundert im Museum für Völkerkunde in Wien"(Nicobars, Island Group in the Indian Ocean - Austrian Expeditions ofthe 18th and 19th centuries at the Ethnological Museum, Vienna) andproduced a catalogue for the exhibition of the same name togetherwith Dr. Heide Leigh-Theisen.

At present Franziska Kasper is in charge of the KunsthalleExnergasse.


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