Hans Jørgen Wallin WEIHE

Lillehammer College
N-2626 Lillehammer

H.J.W. Weihe is lecturer/researcher, associate professor in socialwork at Lillehammer College Norway. His publications include twobooks on communication and a number of articles and publications onseveral different subjects. Among them "Social work, missionary workand colonialism as part of the power game - a study of the Danishmissionary David Rosen and his stay in the Nicobar Islands 1831 -1834" published as an working report at Lillehammer College. Thereport can be ordered from the bookshop at Lillehammer College(Mjosbok, 2626 Lillehammer. Norway). His chief interest is historicalanthropology and social problems resulting from environmentalchange/human interventions. In addition to the study on David Rosenhis studies and research reports include publications onAlaska/Canada, Siberia and the Northern Areas in Scandinavia. He ispart time working for several environmental organzations among themWWF.

At present he is preparing for a further study on the Nicobarislands and the Danish colonial periode focusing upon comparinghistorical material with present day thnographic/anthrtoplogicalresearch.

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