Simron Jit SINGH

Department of Social Ecology
Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies of Austrian Universities
Schottenfeldgasse 29/5
A-1070 Vienna

Simron Jit Singh is currently living and working in Vienna as aResearch Fellow with the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies ofAustrian Universities, Department of Social Ecology.

His main scientific interests are

He has worked extensively among the Van Gujjars, a forest dwellingnomadic tribe of north western Himalayas. Since early 1999, followinga grant from the Government of India, he has been conductingextensive field work among the Nicobarese of the Nicobar islands. In September 2000, he was awarded an International Fellowship from theAustrian Ministry of Education, Science and Culture, and morerecently, a START Visiting Fellowship from the European Union for hiscontribution towards global change research.

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